Gen Con First Exposure Play Hall List

Gen Con 50 is approaching at a thunderous pace, and the list of games being debuted, demoed, and otherwise shown off is staggering. In such an environment just finding the location of a game can be challenging, and that’s assuming you have a specific one in mind!

Yet while the expo hall will be packed to the brim with new and upcoming titles from all your favorite publishers, it can be just as fun during the Best Four Days in Gaming to explore the convention’s many, many prototypes floating around. Some are available ad hoc through the designers themselves, some have scheduled times in the Gen Con event listings, and many more can be found tucked away in the First Explore Play Hall, meticulously managed every year by the good folks at Double Exposure.

The past couple years we’ve compiled all of those games not likely found on the expo floor into a viewable, searchable, and mobile resource for people to use to find them. We call the Indie Cavalcade.

For a variety of reasons, however, we’ve taken 2017 off to tinker with the Cavalcade to make it easier and more reliable for everyone. It’s a bummer, but it was necessary.

Fear not though! At the very least we can provide you with this: the complete rundown of the First Exposure Play Hall. Names, descriptions, demo times – you name it. Check it out! There’s a lot of interesting titles to browse through. You never know if the prototype you’re trying will become the next Big Thing down the line. Enjoy!


Click here to view the 2017 Gen Con First Play Exposure Hall List