Debuting the Indie Showcase

As we alluded to at our launch, one of the major things we hope to do here at the Cardboard Republic is give some love to the smaller game companies out there.

Today I am very happy to announce our first such Indie Showcase! We have unlocked a new sub-section of the Reviews that highlight games specifically falling under the brackets of small entrepreneurial game developers. So many fantastic games have come about because they had a good product and word spread about it. Well, we feel that there are plenty of decent new / upcoming games that can use a little help with the word-spreading part!

Enter: Chicken Caesar by Nevermore Games

Raised on Kickstarter funding and facilitated via Game Salute, this game has only recently been released! We’re excited to provide our review of it here, and we hope to be having more if its kind on the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, game on!



Ryan LaFlamme