Debuting: The Cardboard Republic


Come in, have a seat.


Oh. You’re likely already sitting.

In that case, how about a game?


This is The Cardboard Republic,¬†founded by a group of local and regional New England friends with the like-minded love of board games, card games, tabletops, and even some minis. Individually, we have spent countless hours in our lives playing games, talking about games, talking about playing games, etc. For some of us, it’s been a lifelong thing. It’s something we really enjoy doing, and we came to the decision that we want to share the information and opinions we have with others. We decided to pool our collective geekdom, and CR was born.

It’s probably good too, since we realized that there aren’t a ton of great non-video gaming websites out there to begin with, and so many of the ones that do exist either a) were only looking to sell you games, b) were never updated, or c) were not very accessible in one form or another. We’re hoping to correct this some with our presence.

This is just the beginning. What you see currently is the framework for where we intend to go. Over the coming days, weeks, eons, we have plans to add additional sections of content to see, areas to explore, and articles to read. Today we start off with Monday Magic, which will be a weekly Monday post on MtG related content. Our first actual game review article will be be going up shortly, and other featured columns of various frequencies will follow after that.

Additionally, we are very proud to have our Gamer Archetype Quiz coming online soon, which will be allow you to see where your own play style may be. This is both a fun way to explore the archetypes as they pertain to you, and it will be beneficial when they are mentioned in various content as we go forward.

We also have a great special feature planned to announce to you in a couple weeks!

So definitely keep checking back here often, as we really hope to be a go-to place for your gamer fixes. You know, when you can’t actually be playing them.


Ryan LaFlamme