Announcing: Board Game Club!

Today we have a pretty special announcement, pertaining to an idea we had circulating for a while. That idea, which you can hear more of in the video below, is about the idea of a board game club. We bandied with the concept internally, talked about it a bit on Twitter, and then when we launched our Patreon campaign earlier this year, we decided to make it one of our milestone goals.

Well, thanks to all of our awesome patrons, we recently made that milestone – thank you! – and we’re moving ahead with it.

Board Game Club is a pretty simple idea. It’s like a book club, only with games. And instead of meeting at Marcy’s house, we’ll be hosting it online. The hope is to have some interesting discussions about the game in a casual manner.

Each month, we’ll select a single game to focus on, giving you a few weeks to play that game. Then we’ll meet back up to talk on all manner of stuff about it, from strategies, to artwork, to interesting anecdotes – and everything in between. The (rough) range of the games will be from about six months old to around five years. This is to ensure that a) it’s possible that you or someone you know has it, while b) avoiding the feeling that you have to run out and buy brand new titles in order to participate.

We’ll lead these discussions on air. Links to where to go to will be posted as we get a little closer. The first club hosting will be on Wednesday, October 19th at 9PM Eastern Daylight Time, with each session lasting about 60-90 minutes.

So…which game was picked for our first homework assignment? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video and find out.

See you on the 19th!