A Slight Twittering

Greetings all!

No articles today, as us CR folks are enjoying a well-deserved long weekend off since it’s a holiday here in the US – though we’ve probably spent at least a portion of it gaming anyway. (Still, those Washington and Lincoln guys were pretty cool, I guess.)

We did want to take a quick moment to talk about a small change we’re starting today regarding Twitter.

Twitter has proven to be a great resource for us. As our site’s Twitter account (@CardboardNews) continues to grow though, it’s becoming more difficult finding the right voice for the account. We want it to be a viable way for people to interact with us but also be representative of the entire CR crew, and that can be a fine line to walk sometimes.

To that end, we’re going to start making use of our individual accounts more. This will give those of us here with a Twitter presence the means to interact with everyone on a more direct level, and it lets each of us have our own personality there. But don’t worry – @CardboardNews isn’t going away or being turned into some sort of auto-post account.

Feel free to say hello! You can find each of us at:

Erin – @Super_EMarie
Dave – @OniNoDave
Ryan – @trickybluemage
Joe – @jddyslexia