A Fortnight of Classic Games!

Greetings everyone! We’d like to formally welcome you to the kickoff of our Fortnight of Classic Games. That’s right, for the next two weeks, we’re going to be enticing everyone to revisit their early board gaming days by mentioning some of the classic games we grew up with. It’s part nostalgia, part history lesson. After all, when we focus on where games are going, it’s useful to know where they’ve been. From Chess to Monopoly to Candy Land, some games just seemed to resonate beyond their contemporaries, lasting far longer than anyone could have anticipated. Probably because we found them, you know, fun.

As much as we gamers and game designers have largely evolved from the purely luck-based Roll And Move family-friendly games of our youth into more sophisticated and complex gaming pursuits – as we got older and the world overall has grown more complex – it’s more than a little strange to some how many of these games continue to have an impact many years later. But there are reasons for that. And we’re going to talk about a handful over the coming days to explore, among other things, why that is the case.

We had fun digging many of these old classics up, we hope you enjoy our little break from the normal workload.


May your dice always come up sixes.

Ryan LaFlamme

Photo Credits: Board games cover by Kids in Motion.