A BGG Guild!

Sometimes it’s the little things that get overlooked.

One of the the things we enjoy most about what we do here is interacting with all of you. While we don’t do direct commenting on the site for a number of reasons, we strive to make ourselves accessible on all sorts of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube. If you post a comment or question, I can almost guarantee that we’ll see it, and we’ll often reply. It sounds like a business buzz phrase, but engagement is something we do value.

Yet we had this nagging feeling something was missing from the mix.

Then it dawned on us: we didn’t have a BGG presence.

Admittedly, we haven’t historically spent an inordinate amount of time on BGG’s general forums mostly due to time constraints. However, we recognize that plenty of people who do, and we’ve far too been quiet on that front. Until now. It may have only taken a few dozen months, but we have finally set up our Guild on BGG. This will give both us and you the opportunity to interact, ask direct questions, and so on. We’ll certainly be present in the guild. Tea may even be served.

So, there you go. We now have a node in the BGG nexus! If BGG is your preferred place to hang out for gaming-related conversation, then this is for you. Come and join us!