In Depth

How do you know you have the soul of an Immersionist? One strong clue is if you find yourself making up stories for your character’s interactions even if the game does not in any way ask you to.

(Another would be to take our quiz).

Often it’s our reactions and ad-libbed responses that become the most memorable parts of the games we play, as we come to identify with the little wooden pieces and cardboard cutouts that represent “us”, in whatever odd little microcosms we find ourselves in. Whether we’re playing Sam (or the unfortunately named “Fatty”) in The Lord of the Rings, mocking the player producing nothing but Sheep in Settlers of Catan (“I’m trading in all my sheep to make 3 roads. I call it the Mutton Expressway!“), or rationalizing how you wouldn’t have known that it was your character all along in Clue, it’s that little extra life we breathe into the experience can turn a good game session into a great one.

This series will give an Immersionist’s perspective on what we play. They are not intended to be complete walkthroughs, mind you, but rather highlights that will give you more of that extra flavorful taste of what it’s like to play these games from our perspective.

Alright, we may still throw in some tips and sometimes the odd loophole to exploit too.

We’re going In Depth!