Sara Perry

With a minor in Game Studies and Design at her alma mater, Sara has studied games academically, but enjoys playing them more than working in the classroom. By day Sara works as a Program Director at a non-profit working with high school students, but in the evenings she’s busy writing about, playing, and designing games. She’s a sucker for worker placement and puzzle games, or anything where she can build up something cool.

Sara lives in a small college town in Alabama, surrounded by plants, board games, and good food. The little time she’s not playing games or working is spent in her garden or with a book. She currently contributes to the Pixel Provinces series of digital board game reviews.

Sara’s Archetypes:


The Five Questions


What was your gateway game?

I think the first one I played that got me really interested in games was Catan. I saw some people playing it on YouTube and bought it to play with my family, and it was a hit. My parents got really into it, it was super fun,m and I was hooked from then on.


What was the last game you really enjoyed playing?

[Updated: April 2018] I absolutely love the Arkham Horror LCG. I get so immersed playing it, and the stories are always so fun to run through. I can spend hours playing back to back games in one sitting. I’ve also been playing a lot of Azul lately. I’ve played it at least three or four times a week at our game nights since my friend bought it.


How big is your game collection?

My personal collection is pretty modest at around 30 games. However, there are around 100 in the house if you include my roommates’ games.


What is your favorite type of game to play?

I really enjoy games where there’s a puzzle to solve and constraints to work under in order to solve it. Games that have a spatial focus, some engine builders, or anything where I get to build up my own system or kingdom really draw me in. I like them even more if they don’t have direct conflict between players. I’m much more of an indirect conflict kind of person.


How do you feel about Monopoly?

I have actually played a lot of Monopoly in my life. My sister and I played Mancala and Monopoly all the time growing up, and we even went so far as to make our own reskins of Monopoly for shows we liked. I probably wouldn’t play Monopoly now since I have a wider variety of options, but if it gets other people interested in games like it did for me then I’m all for it. I think people should play the games they enjoy, and if that’s Monopoly then that’s great.

Contact Sara:

Twitter: @SaraPerry96