Gen Con 2018 Recap: Deluxe Edition – Part 4

Gen Con may cast a heavy spotlight on the physical games as the primary focus of the event, but it’s hardly the only notable thing that occurs there, as you’d expect when 60,000 people descend on one city at the...
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Gen Con 2018 Writer’s Panel

If you weren’t able to make it to Gen Con and / or our writer’s panel Q&A, fear not! You can now check out the whole thing here: 

Gen Con 2018 Recap: Deluxe Edition – Part 3

Predicting any market behavior is a guessing game. No matter how much data you accumulate, how many experts you consult, or how much ad time you buy, humans are only predictable to a certain point. The same goes with gaming....
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Gen Con 2018 Recap: Deluxe Edition – Part 1

Once again, thousands of gamers from across the world descended on central Indiana for the gaming nexus of North America that is Gen Con 2018. This year saw its attendance totals increase yet again, boasting over 60,000 unique attendees over...
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Fantasy Flight Announces Richard Garfield’s KeyForge

Deckbuilding? Collectible card games? Who has time for that? Clearly not publisher Fantasy Flight Games. The company has announced plans for a new card game called KeyForge: Call of the Archons that promises to make degenerate deckbuilding and booster pack...
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Seven Off-Radar Games At Gen Con 2018

Gen Con 2018 approaches! Somehow the largest board game convention in North America seems to sneak up on us every year right up until the point where suddenly it’s the only thing the entire hobby is talking about. By now...
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