January 2016 Haul

The next video in our monthly Haul series has been posted! January proved to be far less active than months previous, but we’re actually pretty happy with that fact.

A Patreon Of The Republic

Tabletop gaming isn’t just about the dice you roll or the minis you paint. Beneath of the cardboard chits and other fiddly bits, games serve far more reaching purposes than even we, as hobby gamers, often realize. Games are about...
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hocus cover

“I see your bet and raise you the Crystal Cave.” “I call with the vestiges of Avalon.” “I cast Dominate!” “I counter with Fortitude. For the last time Skeletor, you can’t force someone to fold.” “Very well! I call with...
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Commander Spotlight: Noxious Revival

Much like many other constructed formats, a defining aspect of Commander is its consistency. It allows you to leave your kitchen table and play with complete strangers under the same recognized structure. There aren’t frequent radical rules changes or constant...
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Magic Banned & Restricted Updates January 2016


With the release of Oath of the Gatewatch, all sanctioned formats and the group that oversees the Commander format announced their updates to banned and restricted lists as well as any pertinent rules changes. Given a long stretch of quietness...
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The Captain Is Dead

the captain is dead cover

For most people, indie games begin and end with the latest Kickstarter campaign. However, from self-published titles to hidden Game Crafter gems, there exists a vast wilderness of unique and innovating games to explore that never reach widespread commercial production.  We aim...
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Ryu cover

I never believed this day would come. Sharkdad told us stories when we were broodlings about a time when the world was bigger and its peoples far more diverse. He spoke of our once-great shoreline kingdom, filled with more sandbars and...
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