You Should Be Playing Annalise

You Should Be Playing… Annalise It always comes at the same time, night after night. It starts like an itching just under the skin in your arms, like the blood in your veins was suddenly made from crawling spiders. It...
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Previewing: Voodoo Island

voodoo island

There’s this innate thing that happens to some people whenever they’re in a precarious and dangerous position: they somehow make it worse. These folks have the capacity to get you into more trouble rather than help get you out of...
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Commander Spotlight: Devout Invocation

There’s some simple math that happens when a player is facing down an opponent’s army: how many of them can they stop? In games where players are looking to strike early and often, the idea of trading one creature for...
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Zogar’s Gaze

zogar's gaze cover

Hail traveler. We wish you rest and health from your journey and have rooms in the back. Your hulking sword and fancy garb tell me that you’re aren’t selling wares, though. Yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of adventurers like...
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Vox Republica 037: Gaming Canon Part II

Episode 037 Length: 46:39 Subscribe to Show Link:   Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast! We’re back at posting new episodes every Thursday, and each episode will be about 20 – 30 minutes long. When we last...
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Score Some Cardboard Bliss!

The land of Euphoria can be a bleak and scary place. Well, it can be if you know better. If you’re ignorant of the world that is being kept from you, things may seem perfectly fine. In Euphoria, players have...
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Top 5 . . . Favorite Game Components

Once upon a time, the gaming world was a barren place. Players enjoyed rudimentary pawns, discs, and tokens to track what was going on in their game, for it was a simpler time, with simpler games, and such things sufficed....
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(Digital) Games People Play

As the interest in board games continues to rise, so too does the interest in exploring new ways of playing those games. One such way is through digital ports of those games – translating them PCs, consoles, phones, and tablets....
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Finding My Way Through PAX East 2014: A Recap


When I was young, my parents occasionally took the family to amusement parks. It often was a best of both worlds scenario, because, as anyone with multiple siblings can attest, agreeing on any family outing can be more like a...
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Previewing: Pleasant Dreams


You are asleep, drifting aimlessly through a precious landscape of teddy bears and twinkling stars. All is soft and quiet and peaceful . . . but you can’t help but feel the first inkling of . . . dread? Darkness?...
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