Announcing: Board Game Club!

Today we have a pretty special announcement, pertaining to an idea we had circulating for a while. That idea, which you can hear more of in the video below, is about the idea of a board game club. We bandied...
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Commander Spotlight: Curse of Echoes

As formats go, Commander has no shortage of options when it comes to cleverness or creativity. With hundreds of Commanders to choose from and thousands of cards for your deck, the possibilities for unique and interesting deck ideas is nearly...
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Insta-Impressions Roundup for 9/23/16

Insta-Impressions are a series of raw initial observations about games over on our Instagram account. Not intended to be highly complex or nearly as comprehensive as our standard reviews, these offer up visually fun and timely feedback of games hitting...
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Commander Spotlight: Elemental Augury

Many years back, when both I and the game were much younger than we are now, I was still learning the many ins and outs of this little thing called Magic. Back then, was a serious threat, Interrupts still existed,...
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Commander Spotlight: Grab the Reins

Time and again, the most cherished part of what lets Magic: the Gathering continue to enthrall players after more than two decades is how well it makes each color feel wholly unique. Whether you’re picking up a deck for the...
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September 2016 Games To Be Played

The next in our monthly To Be Played series has been posted. Check it out! We want to know if you’ve played any on our list or what you hope to get to your own table this month.