Stronghold, 2F-Spiele Announce Fabled Fruit Expansion, More

Last year’s Fabled Fruit from acclaimed designer Friedemann Friese was a surprise hit, and even then we knew that this was just the beginning for what publisher Stronghold Games hoped to become a new frontier for tabletop games. The company...
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Gen Con First Exposure Play Hall List

Gen Con 50 is approaching at a thunderous pace, and the list of games being debuted, demoed, and otherwise shown off is staggering. In such an environment just finding the location of a game can be challenging, and that’s assuming you...
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Commander Spotlight: Druid’s Call

When it comes to customization and ever-expanding content to incorporate into your gameplay, Magic is about as robust a game as you can possibly get outside of traditional pen-and-paper RPGs. With 70+ expansions, dozens of supplementary products, and over 10,000...
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Fantasy Flight Ushers In a New Age Of Twilight

With Gen Con on our doorsteps, we shouldn’t be surprised to see some big game announcements inching their way onto our radar ahead of the big show. Publisher Fantasy Flight Games this morning attempted to break the internet with their...
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August 2017 Games To Be Played

The next in our monthly To Be Played series has been posted. Check it out! We want to know if you’ve played any on our list or what you hope to get to your own table this month.

Fantasy Flight Brings Fallout To The Table

Seek shelter friends. Publisher Fantasy Flight Games is aiming to seal players away from harmful radiation with a board game adaptation of the popular video game series Fallout. The first company teased the board game on its Twitter account this...
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Terra Mystica Sets Eyes On The Stars

Fans of the strategy game Terra Mystica will soon trade magic for stardust in an upcoming successor set in the vastness of deep space. Publisher Z-Man Games has announced Gaia Project, a game it bills as the spiritual follow up...
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July 2017 Board Game Haul

The next video in our monthly Haul series has been posted! July is a quiet time, snuggled between Origins and Gen Con. And yet we still got in a solid half dozen games we’re eager to try out.

Vox Republica 148: Combating The Pile of Shame

Episode 148 Length: 56:07 Show Links: RSS | iTunes | Stitcher | Download Episode   Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast! We post new episodes every other Thursday, with each episode being about 45 minutes long. Vox...
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