Commander Spotlight: Bend or Break

It’s been stated several times here before, but there are certain tactics and play styles that generally go over poorly with the casual multiplayer community. Overly abusive combos, routinely targeting the same person from one game to the next, and...
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Previewing: Bee Lives

Ask someone what they know about bees, and you’re likely to get a handful of the same answers. They fly, have nests, pollinate flowers, operate in a hive with a queen at the core, are generally yellowish in color, and...
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Commander Spotlight: Null Brooch

Time and again we run into arguments over what specific colors can and can’t have access to. Like clockwork, the Magic community goes through a cyclical, repetitive conversation every few months over what, precisely, is within each color’s toolbox of...
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Gen Con 2018 Board Game Haul

The next video in our monthly Haul series has been posted! The main difference this time is that it’s all about what made it home with us at or just after Gen Con. It’s…a lot. Even for us. 

Commander Spotlight: Urza’s Factory [Repost]

Editor’s Note: We’re off today in celebration of the US holiday. Enjoy this Monday Magic article, which was originally published in September 2013.. The topic of land in Commander is always an interesting one. Depending on the individual player and/or...
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Previewing: Thieves Den

They say that crime doesn’t pay. Yet in the world of fiction and pop culture, few crimes are more glamorized than that of The Heist. Second only to perhaps the quest for vengeance, thievery is one of those topics that...
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Commander Spotlight: Vanish into Memory

Not every Magic card is destined to be super complex, unique, or even all that interesting. Based on the volume of cards that Magic releases every year, the game would rapidly destabilize in its appeal to casual and non-rotating Eternal...
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