Vox Republica 074: The Small Con

Episode 074 Games are a great way to bring people together, and conventions are a great way to play games. So, what do game conventions help offer audiences, and how do the smaller ones differ than large ones? Length: 30:47...
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Small World: Cursed!

small world cursed cover

Note: This review pertains to an expansion for Small World and requires the base game to play. We are also assuming that you are familiar with the base game, or at least have read its review. The land of Small...
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Commander Spotlight: Aurelia’s Fury

Back during the early days of Magic, a host of rules existed that would never be attempted today. Among those was the batch system. Long before The Stack, there existed a convoluted process of resolving the order of cards. This...
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Previewing: Imperial Harvest

imperial harvest cover

Think back to the last time you went strawberry picking. Remember how it was a warm, sunny day. Remember the sweet smell of the fresh strawberries on the vine and the juicy taste of ones newly plucked. Also, remember how...
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Vox Republica 073: How Not To Be A Board Game Evangelist

Episode 073 Gaming is a pretty awesome thing. It can be challenging, social, and entertaining all at the same time. It’s natural we want to share that experience with others. But where do you draw the line between being enthusiastic...
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Pandemic: Contagion

Pandemic Contagion cover

All things considered, humans had it pretty easy compared to the rest of the natural world. Sure, a shark or lion occasionally got lucky, but for the most part, humans were on top of the top of the food chain....
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Vox Republica 072: Going Negative

Episode 072 Is it good to be bad? Are negative reviews worthwhile for the hobby, and if so, who benefits? That’s the question on the table this week. Length: 37:03 Show Links: RSS | iTunes | Download Episode   Welcome...
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