Lift Off!

Lift Off cover

Sirens blaring and lights flashing, the center control room was in a frenzy. Every screen had some sort of warning message: Secondary Coolant Systems: Offline Mantle Temperature Critical: Seismic Eruptions Imminent Explosions at Power Substations Beta, Theta, and Zeta Vending...
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Commander Spotlight: Enslave

Welcome back viewers to another edition of “Why Can’t My Color Do Everything I Want?” This week, one player complains that their color of choice lacks the capability of handling…something. That inability to solve or remove said problem recently cost...
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Vox Republica 089: Eduardo Baraf

Episode 089 The focus on our June Indie Spotlight game, Lift Off, continues to roll on. And what’s better to that end than hearing about how the game came to be straight from the designer himself. Length: 53:13 Show Links:...
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Previewing: Loop, Inc.

Loop KS Cover 225

McFly! Now look here Mc..hey, wait a minute. You’re not McFly. You certainly look like him though. Then again, all our employees look the same to me…No bother. Look, how are we doing with our sales projections? What do you...
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Commander Spotlight: Conjured Currency

With Magic Origins spoiler season about to kick off in earnest, several aspects of it have already been discussed at length around the various Magic-centric water coolers. For some, talk has centered largely around the five creatures-turned-planeswalkers, or ‘flipwalkers’ as...
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Vox Republica 088: Con Season Anticipation

Episode 088 We’re smack dab in the middle of summer convention season, and lots of new games are everywhere. Which ones have caught our attention? Let’s find out. Length: 27:49 Show Links: RSS | iTunes | Download Episode   Welcome...
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Samurai Spirit

Samurai Spirit cover

Gorobei stood at the village’s northern road to greet the final warrior to answer its people’s desperate pleas for help. It was far fewer than he had hoped for. Just seven Samurai stood between Oni-Musha and total destruction of the...
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