What sort of games do you look at?

While we try to keep the door open to most board, card, and pen-and-paper games, we do have our limits. As of September, 2013, this is our list of games we will likely pass on:

  1. Non-analog games (yes, we actually have to state this apparently)
  2. Traditional-style war games
  3. LARPs
  4. Minis game systems, such as Heroclix. Board games will lots of minis, however, are fair game.
  5. Most (though not all) licensed games, such as Spaceballs: the Board Game.
  6. Games with a distinctly explicit nature to them, such as drinking games or games about sex or drug use.
  7. On the opposite end, games designed solely for children, as we currently don’t have a huge pool of kids to test them on.
  8. We do not do previews of any CCG/LCG/ECG, though reviews for existing ones are possible.
  9. Any tabletop RPGs that center on d12 (or similarly strange) dice systems without a really good reason.
  10. Most dexterity games, though exceptions are made.

This list is not ironclad, but it does give a good litmus test as to the things we tend to shy away from. Comparatively to the whole of gaming, it’s a fairly small list!


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