What is your policy for reviewing games?

When reviewing a game , we tend to stick to these guidelines:

  • We do not do paid reviews.
  • The game must be a finished product.
  • We aim to play the game within 2-3 weeks of receiving it.
  • Every game will be played at least three times, ideally with different gamers and play sizes, to give it a full and thorough inspection.
  • After the game has been played enough times, we aim to have the review completed within 2 weeks. During busy periods, such as around conventions, additional time may be required.

These are guidelines and not concrete rules, however, so we do not guarantee that we can have a game’s review posted within a specific period of receiving it. We do try though!

Furthermore, asking us to review a game does not guarantee that we will. If we opt not to, a reason will usually be specified, be it time constraints, content, game availability, out of our scope, etc.

Currently, we post a review every Friday, though additional games occasionally may be reviewed outside of this schedule.

Once the review is posted our site, we will let you know. We usually also post the link to the Weblinks section at Boardgamegeek.com and on our social media.

In return, if you really like the article all we ask is that if your game’s / developer’s / publisher’s website contains a reviews section that a link to it be posted there. If you are active on social media, it’d also be a nice gesture to let your audience know about it.

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