What is your policy for previewing games?

In an ideal setting, if you are going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign on places like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, and you are seeking a preview of your game, we ask that you contact us a month before the campaign launches at a minimum. This gives us time to play the game and look it over, and it gives you the ability to have it available at the launch of your campaign. During busy periods, such as around conventions, additional time may be required. That said, we know this is not always possible.

We do not do paid previews. That said, asking us to preview a game does not guarantee that we will. If we opt not to, a reason will usually be specified, be it time constraints, content, etc.

Generally, we aim to play a preview game a few times within 7 days of receiving it and have the preview article written up with in a week of playing it.

Once the preview is finished, we let you know. Normally we time the article to be published with the launch of your campaign as to keep it relevant and to put links to the campaign in the article, but if requested they can be posted ahead of time. Once posted on our site, we usually also post the link to the Weblinks section at Boardgamegeek.com and on our social media.

In return, all we’d ask that if you like the article that the link be posted on the reviews section of your campaign page back to us.

If you’re interested in having us preview your game, please email¬†us at: previews@cardboardrepublic.com

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