What is this ‘Snapshot Scoring’ on the reviews?

While we purposely choose to review games through the lens of archetype preferences, we also wanted a quick and dirty reflection of how we feel the game fares on a number of criteria. It is not meant to be an “up or down” style rating, but ratherĀ  a brief approximation on how it fares in certain areas. These include:

  • Artwork: The game’s overall detail of graphics of cards, player boards, the central game board, etc. This includes how the artwork affects the game’s theme and premise.
  • Rules Clarity: Whether 1 page or 20, this looks at how well the game’s rules are laid out in terms of level of detail, examples, visuals, ease of understanding, and if there are areas of confusion or ambiguity.
  • Replay Value: The game’s ability to remain viable over time. In addition to being a good game, it looks at if there’s enough variety to remain fresh and exciting to play after many playthroughs.
  • Physical Quality: How well put together the game is. This includes the level of detail of materials, quality and durability of components,and even the game packaging.
  • Overall Score: An amalgamation of the other categories and how they all affect gameplay. This does not take into account a game’s worth if it’s being played by an archetype it isn’t aimed at.

The overall score ranges from a 1-5, with the approximate levels as follows:

  1. “I will not play the game no matter what, and I advocate it be avoided.”
  2. “I would not recommend the game, and I have no interest in playing. I will, however, if that’s the game everyone else really wants to.”
  3. “I enjoy playing the game and would recommend it to others, but it is not a game I would purchase myself.”
  4. “I thoroughly enjoy the game, and I am definitely considering getting my own copy.”
  5. “I adore this game, and I will make an effort to get a copy if I don’t have it already. If there are expansions or supplements, I’ll look into those too.”

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