What Gamer Type are You?

1. Your friend is explaining the rules to a new board game, and it's taking forever. What are you doing while he talks?

2. You're teaching your young niece a new game. Which lesson do you hope to impart the most?

3. It's a boring day at work. What are you doing to keep yourself from falling asleep?

4. It's 1869 and you're arriving in a bustling frontier town from back east. What sort of job do you seek out?

5. If you could pick one of these game shows to be on, which would it be?

6. The zombie apocalypse is upon us! What's your preferred method of survival?

7. Which of the following game types seems the most appealing to you?

8. You're planning for a big evening party at your house. Where is your focus for it during the hours beforehand?

9. You are sent to jail in Monopoly. How do you react?

10. You're nearing the end of a lengthy game, and you will win on your final move. However, in order to win you'll have to betray a long-term ally. What are you thinking?

11. You and your colleagues / classmates have been assigned a paper that's due in a week. How do you approach the task?

12. Of those listed, what was your favorite childhood game?

13. Your friend brings over a brand new game for this week's game night and the box really impresses you. What do you like most about it?

14. You are playing a somewhat complex game for the first time with more experienced players. How will you approach the game?

15. Another player backstabs you at the beginning of a game. How do you react?