Laurels Of The Republic

The Laurels Of The Republic are the CR’s annual Game of the Year awards. We feel that these games showcase some of the best their respective categories the board gaming world put forth over that year. Rather than creating a simple Top Ten List or breaking our nominees down along more traditional categories found elsewhere, The Laurels tie in directly with our gamer archetype approach of how we look at and review games. Each of these six play styles cater to a specific philosophy when it comes to what someone generally desires of a gaming experience, and we wanted to highlight games based on those preferences.

2015 awards

Below are the previous nominees and winners of each category by year.




2015 Nominees

zhanguo winner(Full Article)

#5: Spirits Of The Rice Paddy

#4: Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

#3: Fields of Arle

#2: Argent: The Consortium

Winner: ZhanGuo




2015 Nominees

the gallerist winner(Full Article)

#5: AquaSphere

#4: Mottainai

#3: The Voyages of Marco Polo

#2: Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

Winner: The Gallerist




2015 Nominees

codenames winner(Full Article)

#5: Bad Medicine

#4: Spyfall

#3: Stockpile

#2: Lanterns

Winner: Codenames




2015 Nominees

steampunk rally winner(Full Article)

#5: Fief: France 1429

#4: The Grizzled

#3: Risk: Star Wars Edition

#2: Flick ’em Up!

Winner: Steampunk Rally




2015 Nominees

pandemic winner(Full Article)

#5: Mistfall

#4: Fallen

#3: Bomb Squad

#2: T.I.M.E. Stories

Winner: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1




2015 Nominees

blood rage winner(Full Article)

#5: Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

#4: Star Wars Armada

#3: Strife: Legacy Of The Eternals

#2: Baseball Highlights 2045

Winner: Blood Rage