Monopoly: A Semi-Defense

monopoly cover

When people think the of board games they played growing up, most people think of those designed for kids. These are games like Candy Land, Mouse Trap, or Chutes & Ladders. As we got a bit older we graduated to...
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Stratego (Of Sorts)


Return with me, if you will, to the war-torn fields of Europe as they were during the Napoleonic Wars. Ignore those BBC reenactments that portray a brutal struggle in harsh elements, oppressive sergeants, incompetent or selfish officers, poor camp conditions,...
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A Medley of Classic Children’s Games

Candy Land cover

Fair warning: you’re going to notice a theme this week, if you haven’t already, and I’m not just talking about Classic Games. This is something far, far more sinister than a nostalgic trip into our collective childhood. Yep, I’m talking...
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chess cover

Few games have the breadth of play that Chess enjoys. Chess as we know it has been with western civilization since the 10th century CE, having adapted from Indian and Persian games over a few centuries before that. While the...
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Risk vs Diplomacy


Among board games, genres are often defined by their assumptions.  games assume that the players will work together to win.  games assume a steady economy of actions. Monopoly presumes a certain economic savvy about good investments versus bad investments (even...
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go board

The game of Go exists as one of the oldest and most enduringly popular games in the world, and somewhat paradoxically, in Western culture, also one of the least known. Like Mancala, Backgammon or Snakes & Ladders, it is one...
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All of the board games that we now consider the “Classics” were not the only games of the their times, and this notion tends to get lost in discussion. Each had competitors that were often surprisingly similar in theme, in...
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